Posted May 18, 2016

The tanker officers seminar segments were in collaboration with Western Shipping Pte Ltd., of Singapore, who were represented by Capt. Niladri Chakraborty (SQA) and Ms. Jiayun (SQA Dept). The Slogan was “Safety First, Avoid the Worst”.
While in parallel, the bulk carrier officers seminar segments were in collaboration with BMC, who were represented by Mr. Dimitris Vlamis (DPA). The Slogan was “Safety Is An Attitude”.

A total of 22 tanker officers, and 32 bulk carrier officers attended the parallel seminars.

The seminars included industry driven presentations and workshops. Each attendee was given an electronic copy of the seminar topics, for their reflective reference.
Additionally question and answer sessions gave attendees the fruitful opportunity for open interfacing.

The feedback received from participants can be generally summarized in an overwhelming positive response, with a good majority inquiring “when next”.

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