Ship Vetting Inspections (Officers Program)


The course broadly covers the following aspects:

  1. Brief history & background of Vetting inspections, Types of Vetting inspections and associated regulatory bodies.
  2. Process of initiating Vetting, Parties involved, General order of inspection, associated preparations, etc.
  3. Common causes for deficiencies, Human error, Typical deficiencies, High Risk observations, etc.
  4. Interactive session/discussion – on Sample reports (Pre-vetting findings and Vetting Official Report)
  5. Concept of VIQ(Vessel Inspection Questionnaire) prescribed by various bodies such as SIRE, CDI Rightship, etc. and Detailed familiarization with SIRE VIQ (2014)- Chapter wise layout and brief interactive chapter wise sessions


The training programme is interactive led by the trainer and consist of the following training methodology:


1) Flash Presentations (Self Learning Modules)

2) Power Point Presentation (De-briefing and Recap Modules)

3) Informal Assessments (to assess the participant’s understanding of various topic covered)


At the end of this course, trainees would be able to be more confident in their preparations in handling Vetting Inspections. They would learn various techniques in handling Vetting Inspector on different aspects of the Inspection.

Entry Standards

Deck and Engine Officers


2 Days