Ship Vetting Inspection (Rating’s Program)


The course broadly covers the following aspects:


  1. Brief history & background of Vetting inspections, Types of Vetting inspections and associated regulatory bodies.
  2. Parties involved in a vetting inspection, General order of inspection, associated preparations, Points to remember prior a vetting inspection / general preparations, etc.
  3. Interactive session/discussion on commonly observed deficiencies.


The training programme is interactive led by the trainer and consist of the following training methodology:


1) Power Point Presentation (De-briefing and Recap Modules)

2) Informal Assessments (to assess the participant’s understanding of various topic covered)


This training programme is aimed at developing an appreciation of the salient features associated with ‘Ship Vetting Inspections’ and basic knowledge required to be better prepared for vetting inspections onboard.

Entry Standards

Deck and Engine Ratings


1 day