Course Overview


This course is designed to increase level of awareness and understanding of participants on general safety issues and measures to prevent injuries and potential accidents on board Vessels. To understand on certain policies on Health and Safety and to identify various hazards affecting it.


Although every effort is made by the Responsible Officers to ensure that crew members are given the maximum opportunity to familiarize the ship, it is the responsibility of each crew member to become familiar with the geography of the ship, and in particular, the location and types of life-saving appliances as well as the fire-fighting equipment and the safest emergency escape routes and exits.


Instruction Goals


Upon completion of this course the attendee will be familiar with:


  1. Identification of various hazards.
  2. Location of life-saving appliances.
  3. Location of fire-fighting equipment.
  4. Identification of Vessel’s risk factors.
  5. Understanding certain policies on health and safety.
  6. The importance of the Vessel’s safety familiarization.
  7. Identification of common injuries and accidents on board.



Start Date


  • 3 Days
    25 June 2018
  • 3 Days
    23 July 2018
  • 3 Days
    22 August 2018
“The final course implementation will depend on the actual participants enrolled”.