Maritime Resource Management (MRM)


The Maritime Resource Management (MRM) training course has been developed as a management level course aimed at addressing the recommendation of the STCW 2010 amendments and recommendations.

This is a training course in identification and development of human resource on board and the management skills necessary for the safe and efficient functioning into the vessel.

MRM training is a basic and desirable requirement of the industry with respect to development of the necessary understanding and skills to know errors immediately.  Hence preventing them as well as the disasters.

Maritime Resource Management is a 3-day training program addressing the following human performance factors:

  1. Communication,
  2. Multicultural awareness,
  3. Assertiveness Challenge and Response,
  4. Management and Leadership,
  5. Decision Making,
  6. Team Building and Conflict Management,
  7. Understanding Self,
  8. Contingency and Crisis Management,
  9. Stress and Fatigue Management
  10. Time Management and Delegation


To motivate the team – if necessary – to change its behavior to good resource management practices during everyday operations. This includes understanding of the importance of good management and teamwork and the willingness to change behavior.  An overall objective is to increase safety, efficiency and job satisfaction in shipping companies and, eventually, in the maritime industry as a whole.

It is essential that each team member has the proper attitude and understanding so that he can contribute usefully to the team and success of the shipboard operations.

Entry Standards

Deck and Engine Officers


3 Days