IMO Model Course 1.27 ECDIS (utilizing TRANSAS SIMULATOR)


This course provides training in the basic theory and use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) for those who will be in charge of a navigational watch on vessel equipped with ECDIS. The training comprises all safety-relevant aspects and for this reason aims beyond the use of operational controls.

The theoretical aspects like all major characteristics of ECDIS data such as data contents and all major characteristics of the display of ECDIS data will be covered.

For practical capabilities and skills, exercises are performed which will provide in setting up and maintaining an ECDIS display, in planning and monitoring a route, in using basic navigational functions and equipment in a real-time navigational environment, in activating updates and in performing proper actions which are necessary for a safe navigational watch.

Our ECDIS simulator conforms with Standards Governing the Use of Simulators under STCW A-I/12, 2010 Manila Amendments.


A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skill and understanding of ECDIS navigation and electronic charts to undertake the duties of a navigational watch officer defined by STCW Code as amended.
These knowledge, skill and understanding should include Column 1  ECDIS competencies of Table A-II, but it is not limited to:

  • Knowledge of the capability and limitations of ECDIS operations.
  • Proficiency in operation, interpretation and analysis of information obtained from ECDIS and all indicated sub-topics.
  • Management of operational procedures, system files and all indicated sub-topics.

Entry Standards

Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch on the ship fitted with ECDIS system and experienced nautical officers or other persons with responsible duties in navigation work.


5 Days