Engine Room Simulator with ERM


This model course describes guidelines for simulator training using an engine room simulator specified as one method of demonstrating competence in Column 3 of the table A-III/1 and A-III/2 except the function s “Maintenance and repair at the operational level / management level” and “controlling the operation of the ship and care for the persons on board at the operational level / management level” and one exception.

The exercises are supervised by an instructor and will initially allow the trainee to become familiar with the machinery and controls used in the engine rooms of modern merchant ship. Furthermore, the trainee shall become skill in the scanning of instrument displays when assessing the normal operational conditions of a propulsion plant.

Each exercise should be preceded by a briefing session and followed up by a group debrief, which will analyze the actions and decisions of the trainee.

Note: it should be emphasized that this course does not provide the equivalent of the experience acquired from actual watch keeping service in the engine room on board a ship.


To provide knowledge and skill related to operation, supervising and monitoring the safe operation and control of a ship’s machinery in accordance with provisions of the STCW Code

In particular, the trainee will be able to have:

– Familiarization with the use of instrumentation and controls use in the engine rooms of modern merchant ships

– An awareness of the need for proper pre-planning, the use of checklists and of the timescale involved in starting up propulsion plant machinery

– Experience in identifying operational problems and trouble-shooting them

– The ability of decision making which promote the safety