Environmental Management System Awareness


This course provides theoretical and practical training.

The theoretical part covers the following:

  • Background of ISO 1400 and Environmental Management System
  • Key definitions
  • Components of EMS

The practical part covers the following:

  • Documentation requirements
  • Preparations for EMS Audit
  • Review actual EMS Audit Report and discuss possible actions


This structure of presentation consists of:

  1. Introduction and Key Definitions
  2. Components of EMS
  3. On board Documentation Requirements
  4. Pointers for External EMS Audit
  5. Summary


At the end of this course, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand ISO 14001:2004 and Environmental Management System
  • Relate the requirements of EMS into actual shipboard operations
  • Familiarize with documentation in place

Improve preparations for EMS Audit in the future

Entry Standards

The course is designated for ratings and officers specifically those on board tankers.


1 Day